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Captain Liberty has no kids. She's more than okay with this. She's got a bowl of candy if any of them are around, though, mostly because if there are children, she'd rather keep them happy so they don't start with all that annoying screaming.

[Open, again, might be SP later.]
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Captain Liberty has meant to come to the office to work. She just hasn't felt like it. If anyone asks, she'll say she was doing Very Important Things like running students' names through Interpol.

[Open, SP is love, yadda yadda.]
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Captain Liberty should be working.

She's not. She's tossing a bouncy ball against the wall and having to get up every time she doesn't catch it and it goes rolling across the floor.

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Captain Liberty is working on things like attendance, really. And trying to check on things for tomorrow's class.

Mostly, though, she's paying reverance to her coffee.

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Captain Liberty had woken up in her own bed, in an apartment that was just a wee bit trashed due to having been inhabited by a five-year-old who had been so intent on playing in the boxes that still hadn't been unpacked yet. Well they were all unpacked now. Then she'd listened to the podcasts from radio over the last couple days, just to see how bad it really was.

And her secret identity had been outed. Twice. (Never mind that she'd done it to herself at least once. Seriously, never mind it. I said never mind.)

So Captain Liberty is in her office with the door cracked open, repeatedly banging her head against the desk, lightly enough so as not to cause concussion, and wondering if the bar at Caritas is open yet. Maybe they'd open especially early today?

And before anyone asks, I'm not only fine with her being outed, I'm freaking running with it. Hehehehehe.]
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Captain Liberty is in her office, and while it may look like she's doodling, what she's really doing is plotting out the next simulation for class. She's still got to decide who she can use, though. Because after all, if there are some people in The City she had to deal with, she really should share the pain love.

[I'm going to work soon, so SP is love, but open, especially for mentees.]
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Captain Liberty's holding office hours in the classroom today. There's a sign on the door reminding the students class will be on Friday in the auditorium, but she figures in case anyone both forgets and reads the sign, she can remind them herself. Also in case anyone has any questions. Also because she doesn't want to look like a slacker to the school board.

[Blah blah SPcakes blah.]
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Captain Liberty is in her office, working out details for next week's fashion show. You know, creating dramatic effects? A lot more daunting than just letting them happen naturally. Which really means she has no idea what she's doing.

[Open if you need her!]
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Captain Liberty managed to get one of those "UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU" posters. It is now on the wall behind her desk, and she thinks it kinda makes the place look more inviting.

It doesn't. It makes her office look like a recruiting table.

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Captain Liberty's a little boggled by the fact that she has an office. Seriously, you get into things that include revealing costumes and you don't really think you're going to end up working anywhere with four walls and a desk. And that goes for a lot of professions. (Hi, Becky.)

So while she's trying to work on things like syllabi and class rosters and the like, she keeps doing things like rearranging the few things on her desk and most definitely not calling anyone to taunt them about the fact that she has an office.
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