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Birthdate:Jan 1
Mun: comedownstairs
AIM: chickwithemo
Fandom: The Tick (live action)
Voicemail: Professional line, for class stuff, business stuff, and therefore.
Personal line, for those of you who know her as Janet.

The canon: The Tick is a superhero in a blue suit who fights crime and upholds justice. The cartoon version (which bugofjustice is from) spun off a live action version, and that's where Captain Liberty comes from. A tweaked version of the cartoon's American Maid, CL is really a government agent doing the job of a superhero, and is really one of only about oh, two competent superheroes in The City. She has no powers, but she still gets the job done.

Her real name is Janet, last name never given. In her spare time, she's a normal, everyday sort of woman. I'm taking her from the end of the series, during some random point where she and Batmanuel got into a tiff and he said he didn't need her to take care of things around The City anymore and she said fine. And hey, there's a school in Virginia that would let her teach a specific class...

To note: Seeing as how she's acting as a superhero, Captain Liberty will really be going by "Captain Liberty". She'll really only give her real name if she trusts you enough to give away her identity.

Class stuff: Superheroing 101. More specifics to come.

[This journal is for RP purposes at Fandom High. No money is being made from this, woe, and I have no connection to anything. If I did, Fox wouldn't have canceled another one of my damn shows.]

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