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This is Janet moping. Shut up, she's allowed. The weekend hadn't been that bad, but the fact that someone recognized her on top of the rest? It means she's in jeans and a sweatshirt, with a pint of Chubby Hubby camped out in front of a DVD of The Journal.

See, moping.
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Captain Liberty looks at herself in the mirror critically, turning to the side a little, and narrowing her eyes at herself. Maybe if she keeps looking from different angles, the costume won't look quite so... not for teen eyes. Really, it's her responsibility as a teacher, a superhero and a woman to not perpetuate stereotypes and do whatever she could to stop the objectification of women, and shouldn't she give all these teenage girls something positive to reflect on? She is a superhero, dammit, and you sometimes have to start small.

Still... the cleavage at least means no one would be falling asleep in class.

She compromises by grabbing a cardigan to put over it. It looks stupid, but probably more respectable. Though stupid. She'll have to think about this.

She starts cursing when the phone eings, stalking over to it with her boots clanking on the kitchen floor as she retrieves her cell. "You've reached Captain Liberty," she says.
cut for phone call )
She's already hung up. She almost misses the days of being able to slam down a phone on a receiver. It was much more satisfying that way.

Looking at the time, she makes a little "Eep" sound, and grabs a Pop-Tart to eat on the way.
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Being a superhero can get you out of a lot of things. For instance, most burglars, muggers and the like stay away from you unless they're stupid, in which case they can be good for taking things like PMS out on them. A lot of bars and diners give you free food and drinks (if you're in costume, of course) in echange for keeping the city safe. It can be a pretty sweet deal, really.

Unfortunately, it will not get you out of moving.

And without actual superpowers like super strength or nifty levitation or hell, even an ounce of magical supergrace or something, it leads to things like Captain Liberty banging around as she tries to carry a large box through the halls, occasionally setting/banging it against the wall in order to get a better grip on it, and dropping it when she attempts to get the keys out to #5. (Best not to ask where she's hiding the keys in that getup.)

"Dammit," she says, worrying about the door before bending to pick up the box. "Who knew a box of romance novels would be so heavy?"

[Open for anyone who might have heard the banging.]


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